When the A.V. Club asked me to talk about what inspired me to get into comics, they meant for me to talk about a piece of media. Zara was that thing for me, when my brother bought it for me in New York in 2001. But I can’t talk about Zara without talking about the context in which I read Zara, as a tween suddenly on fire with the realization that my body was becoming a battleground. Since this comic was posted, I’ve been accused of basically lying in order to push an agenda, as if these experiences that make up my life are so unbelievable that I must have sensationalized them for some crass motive. I thought about juxtaposing the experiences of my white male schoolmates, to show how insulated and relatively uncomplicated their lives were at this time, as they related them to me. But I figured the bros in the comments would do justice enough to that, and they don’t disappoint.  

Predictably, when asked to imagine a world where men have no power and no human rights, some men get REALLY testy. Cue the accusations of misandry, cue the common-knowledge that women are too catty, bitchy, passive-aggressive, hysterical, and shrill to run the world, am I suggesting that women are somehow BETTER THAN MEN? Blah burp fart. 

HONEY is that world. And it’s a world full of horrors. But it’s a world lived on female terms. All I am asking is that you try to imagine it, and ask yourself if it is functionally any better or worse than the world we live in.  

HUGE thanks to my AD Oliver Sava for sticking up for me and getting this thing published. 

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Kinky Tapestry: by Erin M Riley

Using traditional tapestry techniques, Erin M.Riley weaves images of women in states of undress or exposure, personal objects or landscapes that are related to destruction and death. With her work, she is examining the honesty of sexuality but also how courtships, pornography and sex is changing as a result of the mass depiction of these intimate moments online.

The artist states: “My work is the culmination of research into addiction, sexual experimentation, popular internet culture, the effects of single parent households, socio-economic status’ etc. I am drawn to the images taken for private exchanges that become littered on the internet. I am using my own images that I have sent to lovers as well as the objects that I have formed psychological attachments to, objects that have impacted people’s lives, displays of arrests, deaths, addictions.”

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So I ask the American commentators, please stop announcing that Landon Donovan is the “all-time U.S. leading goal scorer.” He is not. With 57 international goals, he’s not even in the Top Five.

The all-time U.S. leading goal scorer is Abby Wambach, with 167 goals, followed by Mia Hamm (158), Kristine Lilly (130), Michelle Akers (105) and Tiffeny Milbrett (100). In fact, Abby Wambach is the all-time leading goal scorer in the world, among all soccer players, male or female.