These are old-ish, I’ve just been sitting on a backlog. I like these, because they take a break from all the headache-inducing meta Lost stuff and because you get to see Shark with a pipe and also wearing a wig and lipstick. Classic. I also really like that Comic Syar gets to wear a moustache AND a bowler hat. Watson Syar! Syar Watson? Anyway. 

This is the probably the last time I’m going to post Syar vs. Shark strips on my Tumblr. All of them so far are grouped here.

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Shark Flashback Part 1: Sharks Don’t Understand How Airline Tickets Work

What is Syar vs. Shark? My housemate Dustin started making these after a bunch of friends started playing with a stuffed toy shark and we joked about how similar sounding my name was to the word “Shark”, and a sitcom type premise of a bickering pair - one human, one dead-eyed monster of the sea - was born. 

Syar vs. Shark has a lot of LOST references, because Dustin is a LOST nerd. I stopped watching that show at the beginning of the 3rd season, and he has yet to forgive me. It also has references to Doctor Who and Harry Potter, two things both he and I are huge fans of. You can experience all this hootenanny from the very beginning by following this link

Now, both Syar AND Shark are not representative of anything other than Dustin’s sense of humour. Like, Comic Syar is not me. But I feel like if I - Real Syar - were ever stuck in a situation like this, I would have the except same inner (outer) monologue. 

But also, I do love me some slapstick! Less words, Dustin! More slipping on banana peels!

Read the rest of this silly comic here.

New Syar vs. Shark!

REAL TALK for a minute guys: The past few strips have been mildly baffling for me, in the sense that they’re yielding chuckles but mostly just involve a bunch of reading. And I can’t even imagine what it must be like for people who didn’t watch Lost (even for two seasons before bailing, like me) or who don’t live with someone who can explain the Lost references or the Doctor Who references to you (sometimes without you asking). It’s getting so meta, too! And I can’t help but think of a snake eating its own tail, or a shark eating its own retcons (?). What’s going to be left?? WHERE IS THIS HEADING?? LOST WAS SO INFURIATING!

Thankfully, Dustin sent me two strips after he emailed me this one last night and the latest one definitely had me going “HAHA!” tons of times. Maybe that’s because it didn’t have ___________. Who knows. Anyway, what am I even saying, have this one for now, I hope people still enjoy these and if you want to catch up on previous strips, you can do so here.