One of the other great things in this month’s ISSUE Magazine is that it features our very first collaboration, and kind of my first collaboration too. I worked with illustrator and visual artist (and my friend!) Dhiyanah Hassan to make four illustrated stories for the theme, ‘Commitment’. We broke that word down into pieces, and broke those pieces into shards and we made what we hope were meaningful and beautiful interpretations.

The process was so great and intensive and involved - I wrote two sets of texts for the “vignettes” in a flurry, Dhi would send me WIP photos on Whatsapp, we dragged through the last two vignettes in a series of lengthy emails, and then finally the day before our due date, it all came together into the one post and we were both so blown away. Our combined efforts are truly bigger than the sum of both of us, we think. 

I hope the texts that didn’t make it into illustrated stories find their lives somewhere else in my writing, I hope I can give them that. Because some voices came out of my fingers which have been absent for years and years. Doing this collaboration helped me pretend in my writing again, and I have missed fiction so. 

The illustrations above are the featured image and the first story I wrote and Dhi illustrated - Pledge. Click through for the other three. We both hope you like it.